Legislative Update Week 2

After delivering his final “State of the State” address last Thursday, Governor Nathan Deal released his recommendations for the Amended FY2018 and FY2019 budgets.
Governor’s Budget Proposals
The House and Senate Appropriations Committees met with Governor Deal on Tuesday to learn more about his budget recommendations. The FY 2019 budget proposal – which sets an overall revenue estimate of $26 billion while maintaining a per capita spending level comparable to our 2006 and 2007 budgets – prioritizes healthcare, education, and infrastructure investments.
FY 2019 budget highlights:
  • $361.7 million for the Teachers Retirement System.
  • $127.6 million for K-12 enrollment growth, training and experience.
  • $30 million to assist low-wealth school systems.
  • $54.3 million for resident instruction at University System institutions.
  • $34.4 million for growth in the Dual Enrollment program.
  • $255.9 million for Medicaid to fund growth and offset the loss of federal and other funds.
  • $5.9 million for autism crisis services for children under 21.
  • $22.9 million to implement recommendations from the Commission on Children’s Mental Health.
  •  $100 million in bond funds to repair and replace bridges throughout the state.
Follow The Budget Process! 
Over the next several weeks, Georgia lawmakers will use the Governor’s recommendations to craft budgets that reflect our values and priorities as a state. To watch the budgeting process live, click HERE.
House Page Program
The Georgia General Assembly invites students between the ages of 12 and 18 to the State Capitol for a hands on learning experience.
To apply, please follow the link to the House Page website. I look forward to seeing students from Walton County on the House Floor during the 2018 Legislative Session!
As always, it is an honor to represent you and your loved ones in the Georgia General Assembly.  Please feel free to call (404-656-5024) or email (bruce.williamson@house.ga.gov) with any questions or concerns.
Rep. Bruce Williamson
District 115
Georgia General Assembly


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