Legislative Update – Week 1

On Monday, January 8, Georgia lawmakers gathered under the Gold Dome to kick-off the 2018 Legislative Session.
For forty legislative days, members of the General Assembly will work to pass bills that strengthen our economy, improve educational outcomes for our students, enhance access to quality healthcare, and ensure a bright and promising future for all Georgians.
While in session, we will also work diligently to craft and pass a balanced budget that meets the needs of our state and reflects the values of those we are honored to represent.
Eggs and Issues

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce‘s annual “Eggs and Issues” breakfast was on Wednesday.

Governor Nathan Deal highlighted our state’s economic achievements, current challenges, and upcoming opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Speaker Ralston re-affirmed his commitment to advancing forward-thinking policies that keep our state’s economy strong!
State of the State
During his final “State of the State” address on ThursdayGovernor Nathan Deal highlighted the “orchards of opportunity” planted during his tenure and mapped out priorities for the 2018 Legislative Session, which include continued investments in education, infrastructure, and healthcare.
Committee Assignments
During 2018 Legislative Session, I have the privilege to serve as a member of the House Committees on Banks and Banking, Ways and Means, Government Affairs, Insurance, Rules and the Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Telecommunications.
I will also serve again as the House Majority Caucus Secretary and Treasurer.
As always, it is an honor to represent you and your loved ones in the Georgia General Assembly.  Please feel free to call (404-656-5024) or email (bruce.williamson@house.ga.gov) with any questions or concerns.
Rep. Bruce Williamson
District 115
Georgia General Assembly

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