Letter to the Editor – Safe and Secure Voting

Dear Editor,

The 2018 election ended months ago, but left-wing radicals continue to flood the airways with wild claims that voting in Georgia is rigged.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Their plan to shatter the confidence in our national elections is built on a lie.

Yes, Georgia needs new and updated voting equipment. Purchased in 2001 by Secretary of State Cathy Cox, the system is secure – but aging.

I have the honor of serving on the Governmental Affairs Committee in the Georgia House of Representatives. We spent many hours reviewing testimony and listening to the public about the need for a modernized safe and secure voting system. One that does provide an auditable paper ballot. After much study and debate, the House of Representatives passed HB 316, a bill that modernizes state elections laws and directs Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office to start a bid process to purchase new voting equipment.

The passage of this sensible legislation sparked an immediate rehashing of the same baseless attacks against our election system and Republicans under the Gold Dome. Even though the individual elections boards across Georgia overwhelmingly support the new system, Democrats hate it, because they know it will be harder for them to cheat and sow seeds of distrust. They are even airing radio ads in Augusta attacking conservative legislator Barry Fleming who authored and carried the bill.

In fact, a new ad by the former gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, accuses Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State of attempting to steal future elections. Here we go again!

The election is over, and it’s time to govern. I proudly support HB 316, Governor Brian Kemp, and our Secretary of State. Together, we will keep Georgia’s elections secure, accessible, and fair for generations to come.




Rep. Bruce Williamson

Walton County

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