Legislative Update – Sine Die

Sine Die! At Midnight on Thursday, we ended the 2018 Legislative Session.
During our time under the Gold Dome, state lawmakers passed bills to fully fund our QBE formula, grow rural communities throughout the state, cut income taxes and deliver comprehensive tax reform for hardworking Georgians.
Funding Local Schools
Georgia has a longstanding commitment to public education. Thanks to federal tax reform and strong state economic growth, the FY2019 budget fully funds the state’s financing of our local schools. This year the total  funding for K-12 education is $9.9 billion representing 38% of our budget.
Strengthening Rural Georgia
With recommendations from the House Rural Development Council, the General Assembly considered several bills to address the pressing issues in rural communities throughout our state.
During the 2018 Legislative Session, we passed HB 769, which establishes the Rural Center for Health Care Innovation and Sustainability, clears the way for micro-hospitals, and incentivizes medical providers to practice in underserved, rural Georgia.
Better Banking For Georgians
I am proud to report that this year’s banking bill, HB 780, passed under the Gold Dome and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.
If a national bank or federal credit union has the power to engage in an activity that our state-chartered banks and credit unions cannot engage in, then, so long as the activity is safe and sound, the Commissioner has the ability to declare parity.  Quite simply, a parity determination gives Georgia the ability to level the playing field between Georgia state-chartered institutions and federal chartered institutions.
Prioritizing Public Safety
Keeping our schools and neighborhoods free from violence and crime remains a top priority for Georgia lawmakers.
In addition to including $8 million in the FY2019 budget for grants to fund school safety initiatives, we also created a House Study Committee through HR1414 to develop legislation that will keep our students safe.
Finally, we passed SB336, which prohibits electronic communications providers from notifying subscribers who are under investigation for the exploitation of children. This bill gives law enforcement another tool to catch and prosecute child predators.
As always, it is an honor to represent you and your loved ones in the Georgia General Assembly.  Please feel free to call (404-656-5024) or email (bruce.williamson@house.ga.gov) with any questions or concerns.
Rep. Bruce Williamson
District 115
Georgia General Assembly

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